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May 01, 2019


Meet Metro Vancouver’s two new mascots: Pee and Poo


(Thanks to Ralph)


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Ummm-Maybe we should consider building a wall along the Canadian border, too?

"...dressed like a giant turd..."

I wonder how that job interview went.

How about a mascot to get people to flush public toilets, period?

Is their officval bird the turducken?

May Day! May Day!

Can we book them to come to family events?

I think Ms Pee is hot !

Creatively added to the resume as "Government Publicity/ Marketing Representative"

1. Looks great on the resume
2. Regarding getting them to flush: how about just getting them to not hover?

The Euphemism Twins.

Put some flowers in their hair and send them to San Francisco.

Key quote:

"“Our sewage system doesn’t get enough respect,” states Director Richard Stewart, Chair, Metro Vancouver Liquid Waste Committee."

Truer words were never spoken.

Liquid Waste Committee? Is this just for urine, and the poo has its own Solid Waste Committee?

At Vancouver Airport, you are greeted by the Jade Canoe, not Pee and Poo.

I shit you not.

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