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May 14, 2019


Domino's introduces spaghetti and pineapple pizza

(Thanks to Le Petomane and John Gregg)


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Until this situation is rectified, we should deny entry to the USA for all New Zealanders.

I was hoping for a SpaghettiOs and fruit cocktail version.

A large bar soap flavored Totino's is looking pretty good about now.

Where does it stop?

Alright everybody, pile on your favorite 2 toppings.

I'll start with:

Mayonnaise and Tootsie Rolls

Sardines and Reeses Pieces for me!

The noted Chinese prophet, Never Wong, warned that when pineapple and red pasta worms mix, the end is nigh.

David H
Are you pregnant? Just askin'

Haggis and Skittles

Sorry to hijack with a downer, but...

R.I.P. Tim Conway.
May you and Harvey Korman keep your laughter in check while you perform for the angels.

Harvey, Tim, Carol, and Vicki (and the rest) were the absolute highlight of my week when I was younger. Recently saw Carol in a show called 'Carol Burnett: An Evening of Laughter and Reflection' and I tell you what, my cheeks hurt and my sides ached from laughing so much.

R.I.P. Tim!


Tim would always try to get Carol to laugh. He was the BEST. Back when humor was clean and non political and actually funny.

Tim & Harvey... best skit ever:


Chitlins and Zagnut.

I think most of us would have loved to see Tim Conway and Harvey Korman doing a skit with this spaghetti and pineapple pizza.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Here's the elephant link, as a link:

Tim Conway's best skit

Here on the Correct Coast, we all prefer pineapple and cashews on our pizza.

Yes, people really do enjoy those two toppings here. It must be something in the water.

Not safe for lunch!

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