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May 31, 2019


Photo of sex toy on Cleveland police cruiser goes viral

(Thanks to Stever)


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I think they're mistaken. Isn't it an au natural stick shift?

They obviously forgot about that guy they loaded into the trunk, and it's getting really painful for him.

Stand tall, Cleveland Police!

I'm betting it was already viral.

Consenting cruiser, etc.

Adam 12 "

Is that your bumper or are you happy to see me?

With all of the penis sightings lately I'm more surprised now when I don't see one stuck to or painted on something.

“We thought it was a doughnut caddy.”

I'm surprised the Cleveland police didn't cover that penis with a condom. It wasn't THAT many years ago there was a nationwide STD protection program: "Don't be silly, wrap your willy."

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