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May 12, 2019


Have a great Mother’s Day. Go on back to bed.


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Happy Mother's Day to Judi and Mrs. Blog and nursecindy and all the other mothers out there.

Happy Mother's Day to all!

I would go back to bed but I just got up!

Happy Mother's Day to all the blogfolk!


Thanks Dave! I just finished Lessons From Lucy and what a perfect reminder on Mother's Day to "be grateful for what you have." I cried, laughed, and related to your love for Sophie and Lucy. Thanks for a great book!


Not me I went to work

If other mothers are like the mother in my house, going back to bed is a surefire way to have 4 or 5 squirming organisms on top of her, most of which are making high-pitched noises at the same time.

I ran away from home because I'm tired of being taken for granted daily and then told I'm too hard to shop for or they're broke and couldn't get something. I stayed away all day when, yeah, I would've liked to have taken a nap. They were apologetic when I got home and made a late supper.
One son had gotten Moscato, but I didn't care for it.
This morning, there were dirty dishes left for me to wash. I did that while I was making coffee and then (cue scary music here), I discovered the whole inside of my refrigerator had been sprayed with Moscato because someone had put a stopper in it and laid it on its side .. and the stopper had tipped downward, so once the pressure blew the stopper off and the fire hose had been released, it continued to drain onto every single item on every shelf and into the bins. All the veggie bags in the vegetable drawer are soaking in it.
I washed everything on the door, but shoved paper towels on the main shelves because I was supposed to be getting ready for work, not spending an hour cleaning my refrigerator.
I have a headache.

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