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May 26, 2019


Why becoming a Wienermobile driver is harder than getting into Harvard

(Thanks to Paul Sand)

Relevant column here.


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Great article!

That's the first time I ever had any respect for Paul Ryan.

Who could forget the immortal sounds of the Righteous Brother jingle.

You lost that lovin' feelin'
Whoa, that lovin' feelin'
You lost that lovin' feelin'
Now it's gone, gone, gone, woh
Cause if I were a oscar mayer weiner
Everyone would be in love with me

"We're so proud of our son. He couldn't qualify for college, but now he travels all over with this really big wienie."

Said no parents, ever.

I'm sure that Rob can look back at this from where he is now and laugh, or at least smile, or not cringe too much.

Oscar Meyer notifies the applicants that are selected by sending them a letter that begins with 'Congratulations you may already be a wiener!'

I thought it was because Oscar Mayer doesn't have a football team to which parents may make illicit donations.

I thought being a Wienermobile driver was a requirement for getting into Harvard.

Does it help if you're a great football or basketball player? And for some reason I think the NCAA needs to investigate this hiring program.

What's the big deal? My cousin used to deliver pizza to Harvard and he said the place was easy to get into.

Who among us doesn't dream of such an honor?

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