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May 29, 2019


Men are seriously overestimating how often they make their wives orgasm

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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"cultural ignorance TO the clitoris"? What sort of english is she using here?

And all this time I thought that this was just urban myth!

Isn't Clitoris a small town in China?

@ Flathead County Frank -
I think it's further north, like in N. Korea?

I thought it was in South Korea near the DMZ.

I can never seem to locate it.

Does it rhyme with Lavoris?

One remedy to try is to grope after driving backwards on I-90.

This is why you need one of those penis cams.

I taught Tracey Cox everything she knows. You might say I put the C in Cox.

"Oh, God. Oh, God!"

(phone rings)

"Hi, Mom. Oh, nothing special."

(husband deflates)

@ pharmaross -
I thought the DMZ (Don't Mount here Zone) was more to the back.

I think we're way off. It's closer to Climax, Michigan, near Kalamazoo.

Welcome to Intercourse, Blue Ball, Bareville, Mount Joy, Lititz, and Paradise, Pennsylvania.

I had the address to order a clitoris locating app for my smartphone, but I can't seem to find it.

Overestimating...? Not with the Orgas-o-meter, by Ronco.

Most of the time Mrs Rich doesn't complain about the quality of service, the other times she wakes up.

Thee's supposedly a small town in New Mexico called Clitopia, but darned if I can find it on a map.

Guys, the search for "clitoris" is going badly. Maybe we should stop and ask for directions?

We need nursecindy to point us in the right direction with some navigation hints.

It's not hard to find a clitoris. A Google search has about 62,900,000 results.

Jeff Meyerson...you forgot "Bird-in-Hand"..

Life was so much easier back in the 70s before the female orgasm was invented.

Isn’t that why God gave them fingers? I’ll be leaving the blog for a awhile now.

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