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April 25, 2019


Hunter filmed ordering McDonald’s while carrying dead deer over his shoulder

(Thanks to Hayseed Tom and Allen at Division)


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He must have thought it was one of those places where you can bring in your own food and they'll cook it for you.

What was this guy thinking, bringing grass fed organic
raised meat into a McDonalds.

Out with McRib, in with McVenison

.. or McBambi

It's a new virtual currency: Deercoin.

And the Alliteration Award of April goes to... *drumroll*

Tehanairo Tetawhero of Taumarunui

Deer in NZ are alien species, often considered pests. There is no closed season and in most cases no bag limits. It's free meat if you are willing to put in the effort, but they don't come pre-cooked and packaged with a shake and fries.

He misunderstood their Dollar (buck) Menu.

Maybe if he set it down, he didn't want to bend over to heft it up over his shoulder again?

Oh Deer!

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