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April 26, 2019


...we will know why.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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My cat would skin me alive if I even tried this. (And he doesn't even have any claws.)

That is the most useless display of vanity and waste of money I've seen on this blog today.

I'm not sure many cats would wait until their owners went to sleep. I wouldn't blame them either.

I’m with the cats. (This kind of nonsense is why teenagers were invented.)

There's no point to making your cat look like a Stegosaurus without attaching a thagomizer.

I've walked in to Supercuts and came out looking something like that.

My cat has a bed by my computer and loves to watch the monitor. Sasha saw the pictures of those dinosaur sculptured cats, bristled up and I haven't seen her for while. I'll make amends with a can of tuna. If cat owners don't take care, there will be blood.

5^to Ralph
My cat would not wait till I was asleep. He already has huge paws with extra toes and claws so he does not need a thagomizer.

Meanwhile my dogs are laughing their arses off.

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