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April 20, 2019


I think this is a translation of Lessons From Lucy, but I have no idea what it says. It doesn't seem to say "Lucy" anywhere.


The dog looks kind of like Lucy, but psychedelic.


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I looks like Czech language to me (Slovak would be second guess) and the title is "Dog's advice on happy life", or so. As a Pole I can uderstand maybe half of those words.

I am unfamiliar with this language, but one can assume they grow a lot of peyote there.

Definitely Slavic, I suspect Czech, judging by the diacritical marks.

According to Google Translate, it is Czech; The title translates as Dogs Love for Happy Life. However, if you substitute a j for a y in the word Stastny, Google recognizes this as Croatian with the following translation - Dogs Work for Prostitution Life. Take your pick.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?

Did you say psychedelic or psychotic?

Marc - somewhere there is a Czech who read the book, mistook a j for a y and is now a hustler who has been drinking out of a Croatian's toilet for several weeks now.

*Snork* @ H_S_I

Apparently the rest is "Enjoy, be over things, and above all, don't lose your enthusiasm! Keep the book by hand in case someone around you needs to laugh from your heart!" – although I suspect the last word, zasmát, actually refers to a protective coverall suit that's been decorated with sequins.

Please. These comments are killing me!

I czeched Google Translate and it is:
"Dogs advice for happy life"

Slow to the blog here, but I knew it wouldn’t be Serb or Croatian because of the markings on the T’s. I mean, who would do that?

Well, there *is* a flower of yellow and green. Not sure if it's made of cellophane....

Oh My I laugh so hard cannot see thru the eye leakage! So many times I try to translate something with Goo Trans and I get the hilarious results too.

Reminds me of my first Internet search... which revealed that there ate MILLIONS of "Houses of Ill Repute"

Now I just have ti laugh at things like Amazon has it! Amaazon DOES have Dogs who drink from toilets and with FREE SHIPPING!

Cute cover

The S, T, and Z in the title have tiny rabbit ears on them —
either [1] to improve their TV reception or [2] decorations for Easter.

Also — Czech out that dog...

Reminds me of the Newsradio episode where Jimmy James had his book translated.


It´s Czech.
Enjoy yourself, don't take stuff too seriously (literally "be above things") and, above all, don't stop being thrilled!

Have this book at hand for the case of someone in need of a good laugh.

Biggest Czech bookseller even made an original ad for it: https://youtu.be/34H7XxGA9Qc

The best I could translate was " 'Aging Dog Advisors' is finest name for band that plays the popular youth music."

I Think it may be Czech

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