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April 14, 2019


Neighbors use shovel, umbrella to try to shoo away aggressive gang of turkeys

(Thanks to Ralph)


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They are mean.
I was driveing to an early meeting one March morning and came across 10-12 turkesy at an intersection (these birds must have bee trained in Florida because they totally ignored the lights)

Ther were 4 or 5 males tring to impress 7 or so hens.
The males were puffing up their plumage, slowly torting and dragging thier wings on the pavement.

Except for the male that came over to my window and gave me a lookt that said 'get out of your car and we'll see if yopu're so tough'.
I declined...

I've known people who can tell interesting stories of their experiences with Wild Turkey.

Whilst I was on a walk, minding my own business, I was attacked and bitten in the bottom by a Canadian goose because I was too close to his cygnets, goslings, whatevers.

I called the Canadian embassy to protest but they, very politely (Canadians are very polite), told me that the name Canadian did not mean they were citizens of Canada, they then said "eh" hung up on me.

Aggressive Gang of Turkeys opened for Flock of Seagulls.

^ALSO opened for...

@Ralph - Daggumit Ya beat me to it.

Yeah, but you know who’s behind it...

Send em back to Washington.

A Canada Goose once attacked my mother for getting too close to the nest. (Cygnets are baby swans, goslings are baby geese.) She screamed and ran as the bird flew at her head, I laughed myself silly. The article is correct, stand your ground and shoo away aggressive Turkeys. Casowaries, Emus, and Ostriches though...run like hell or climb a tree.

Forget a little turkey peck. A moose once bit my sister.

No one ever thinks of shotguns in these situations?

All I can say is don't mess with my pecker

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