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April 18, 2019


A naked man burglarized a Little League concession stand in Dunedin

(Thanks to pharmaross and Gig)


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Been there. It's in New Zealand.

Oh, wait--is there another one?

If the headline says "naked man" you know it's Florida.

Here's a little professional advice. If you're naked it's never a good idea to try and climb through a glass anything.

Just trying to get perspective here: it seems that Florida residents are naked in public so often, it makes me wonder if they wear clothes in the shower or bath, just to be oppositional..??

Maybe he was trying to steal second. Heh.

I am forever grateful that no photos were included with this article.

How did he manage to carry away a cash box, three surveillance cameras and a package of hot dogs?

First time anyone has ever struck out with two balls and no strikes.

I lived for thirty one years on Dunedin Rd. in Klumbus Ahia.

Newcomers always pronounced it "Doon-din"


The burglar was naked and ripped off a Little League concession stand? The class of crooks we have to deal with seems lower nowadays.

Maybe he was watching cop shows where they got DNA off a criminal's clothes and thought, "A-ha, I know how to get around THAT pitfall..."

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