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April 12, 2019


Mysterious mashed potatoes perplex a historic neighborhood

(Thanks to Alkali Bill, who says “I saw the Inscrutable Tubers open for the Electric Prunes.”)


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Vanilla Fudge was also on the bill, which was headlined by Meat Loaf.

Police have issued a BOLO for Mr.Potato Head after discovering Mrs.Potato Head was missing and "evidence of mashing" in the kitchen.

Le Pet.
So Mr. Potato Head is a masher?

Has anyone seen Richard Dreyfuss lately?

He's in Wyoming, MOTW.

Trust the Washington Post to bring you up to spud on the essential news of the day. .

It's the latest, it's the greatest
Mashed potato, ya, ya, ya, ya
Mashed potato, feel it in your feet now
Come on and mash those potatoes now

This means something.

The guilty party is probably in Idaho.

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