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April 17, 2019


Woman Trashes St. Louis Burger Joint Over Lack Of Chocolate Ice Cream

(Thanks to Le Petomane and Jeff Meyerson)


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Both my wife and nursecindy agree with her sentiment, though I'm sure neither would go that far.

Heroically knocking a walk off home run in softball championship game.

Chest bump everyone on the entire team leaving a number of intentional bruise marks on them on purpose.

Celebrate with teammates by coming up with the idea to turn over a Fiat in the parking lot.

Finding a working use for the aluminum bat you kept as a treasured momento from the game. Priceless.

The NY Yankees should look into signing her up especially since all of their players are currently on the disabled list.
It seems to me that a lot more people are walking around with baseball bats these days. It sounds like she may have a little PMS going on too.

Going batty over not getting chocolate ice cream is understandable. But grabbing up a baseball bat and proving you're really batty is over the top.

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