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April 18, 2019


Ohio man swings iguana over head by tail, flings at restaurant manager: cops

(Thanks to Dave Roe, Le Petomane, Mark Schlesinger, Stan Ruth, Geoff, pharmaross, Allen at Division, Steven, DaninDallas and Rod Nunley)


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This story seems tailor-made for Australia.

Or Florida, but that goes without saying...

Perkins? I hope he picked up some muffins while he was there.

Ron G. if this had happened in Australia the iguana would have been poisonous.

I feel sorry for the poor iguana.

At the top of my browser, there is an ad for iguana control

Swinging Iguanas opened for the Animals.

Flinging lizards is banned in Flathead County.

🎶 Wish I was in Tijuana
Swinging bbqed iguana. 🎶

Carrying a concealed Iguana is a class three felony in some states

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