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April 27, 2019


Oxford University professor claims aliens are already breeding with humans on earth

(Thanks to Le Petomane, Paul Pitrak, Mark Schlesinger and pharmross)


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Dr Chi first said the hybrids may already exist in a lecture in 2012 but has now written a book on the subject.
Is there anything authors won't do to sell a book?

"Dr Chi said he was 'still looking for more evidence to support my view'."
Has he looked in Flathead County?

Scholars everywhere know the insect-like aliens are for real. What more proof do you need?

Dr Chi needs to visit Roswell, New Mexico. Space aliens have been hanging around here since 1947. There is a UFO center that sells all sorts of books on the subject.
Alien/human matings are well covered in books, movies and a new TV series. Many of the hybrid offspring supposedly are working in politics.

nursecindy--In response to your author question---the answer is NO.

I, for one, welcome out new hybrid overlords

Dr. Chi should be looking closer to home, like in the mirror.

This is what happens when you fall asleep in front of the TV after watching X-File reruns.

I was going to leave a comment but it looks like everything that needs to be said has been done.

Well maybe, "Dr. Chi phone home".

I think that dated more than a few of them in college, however they always returned to their mothership before the breeding part started....

Didn't they do a documentary on this called "EarthGirls are Easy" (1988) ?

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