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April 14, 2019


Stud bull breaks penis when chopper lands in its meadow

(Thanks to Ralph)


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AS a guy type blogger, I crossed my legs when reading the headline. I will not click.

I believe nursecindy's medical opinion in this case would be: "Fire up the grill."

Broken Bull Penis opened for the Sex Pistols, I believe.

And your's wouldn't be Le Petomane?
I had several human guys come into the ER with this same problem. Anybody want to hear all about it?

Congratulations, nc, you sent all the BlogGuys scurrying into their nearest fallout shelters!

@nursecindy- I've heard about guys having their ass in a sling. Is repairing a broken penis something like that?

@nursecindy - I'm guessing that this isn't a superglue or duct tape fix.

Let's just say surgery, stitches, and needles are usually involved in the repair. But don't worry! Morphine is usually involved too.

The bull in that photo looks rather forlorn.

By the end of the surgery, is the patient over the hump?

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