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April 24, 2019


An Arizona mother was arrested for allegedly assaulting her son for not keeping a "good enough" lookout as his grandmother shoplifted.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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He may not be a good lookout for grandma but I bet he'll be a darn good witness for the prosecution against mom. I hope they throw away the key when they put her in jail too.

The article does not mention if they arrested Granny or not nor what she was lifting from the shop. So, does Granny get custody of the poor kid?

He better get on the ball or he is not going to have a very bright future.

But if they separate the child from his mother, won't Trump get blamed ?

That goes without saying.

A sad side effect of watching too many old Ma Barker movies.

This is why you don't hire family members to work for the same employer.

If she is willing to slap and punch her 7 year-old son in a parking lot, makes me wonder what she does to him at home behind closed doors. Not funny.

Vile, despicable and stupid. Apparently "Mom of the year" and "Artful Dodger Grandma" don't realize those places are full of hidden security cameras. Having a lookout is pointless when you can't see who is watching?

I made the mistake of reading the article's comments section. Some of the comments were even more vile, despicable and stupid than Mom and Grandma.

But at least the kid knows his ABC's. Aiding and abetting, Bail, Conspiracy...

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