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April 23, 2019


The Hu Brings Mongolian Metal to No. 1 on Hard Rock Digital Song Sales Chart

(Thanks to Ralph, who says "Hu's on first.")


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No doubt Pete Townshend is planning a trademark infringement suit.

Where they playing in Phuket?

Metallica's response, "Hu?"

IIRC, the Who are on first

I actually like it. Sargent Pepper meets Genghis Khan.

Do they work weddings?

Just asking for a friend.

The band's manager, Sum Ting Wong, was quoted as saying "You ain't seen nuttin' yet."

Should we worry?

This might be the perfect band to cover "In A Gadda Da Vida."

Who's Hu?

By the way, I used have as my family doctor, a very pretty Chinese lady with that last name. So every time I needed to see her I had this Dr.Who's tune in my head, a very annoying ear worm.

Umm, listen to their music-it's damn good.

Aaaaaannnnddd in Number 2 spot this week, the Shinto Buddhist Rap tune....

Didn't one of them have a daughter who became famous for a Christmas special: Cindy Lou Hu?

And clocking in at 6:36, it's perfect for those DJ potty breaks.

Excellent song.

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