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April 26, 2019


New study finds the egg may actually 'choose' the Sperm

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko, who says "This means that all faulty behavior of your teenage children can now be blamed exclusively on the mother.")


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All I learned from Psychology of Women class was the professor had slightly less sex appeal than my Speed Reading instructor so, I would 'choose' to mate with the Speed Reading nine out of ten M/W/F's.

Scientists complicate everything. This subject is actually simple. A sperm (guy) who has manners, dresses snappy, is a good dancer and fun to be with, is generally chosen by an egg (girl) to be with over unwashed, clumsy, dull and stupid sperm (guy).

@Hey Peto - watch your tongue. I got married.

This was published in 2017, and involved studies of mice from earlier years. The average lifespan of a lab mouse is about two years. Whatever choices those eggs made, they are all dead by now.

I always assumed it was like a micro game of Red Rover.

So many questions...

How does the eggs attract a particular swimmer? Does it play 70s "adult entertainment" music to it?

Also, it does explain why fertilization rates are going down. The egg has the "come hither" look, but the swimmers only want to play Fortnite...

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