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April 12, 2019


Great crowd — 600 people! — last night in San Mateo for Kepler’s Books. My friend and bandmate Amy Tan helped me out with a dramatic reading:


And my little brother and bandmate Sam Barry provided harmonica backup for a rare rendition of “Adventure Dog.”


Today I’m doing some TV stuff. Tomorrow (Saturday) at 4:30 I’ll be talking about Lessons From Lucy at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. Hope to see you there. 


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*waves Hi! to Sam and Amy*

"Stupid as a log"? Between that and petting other dogs, you're going to have some serious 'splaining to do to Lucy when you get home.

Looks like you are doing well and have lots of help too. I wish your talks were closer.

Doesn't seem like such a crowd. You could get that to watch Paris Hilton doing goat yoga.

Video of Adventure Dog? Please please please someone please!

Thanks for supporting our local bookshop. I am out of town, sorry I did not see you.

I did not see things exactly as Kepler did, or his successors, but we are not political, so enough of that. But it is good to have a small, independent place that is about broad access to ideas - which it is, you can find most anything in there.

You could always tell a book from Kepler’s old location, the pages were impregnated with a pleasant sort of musky, hempy, incense type smell. At least I think it was incense.

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