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April 06, 2019


A fine event last night at Wellesley Books, featuring many nice people and two very sweet rescue dogs. Special thanks to my audience volunteer dramatic reader, who claimed his name was “Bob Smith,” which seems highly unlikely. Today I’ll be talking about Lessons From Lucy for A Likely Story bookstore at 2 p.m. the Carroll Luthern Village Krug Chapel Auditorium in Westminster, Md. Hope to see you there.


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"Bob Smith" is actually an imperative sentence.

Did you comply?

His real name is John Smith.

Smith's friend just wanted to be called "Jones."

Is there a Cure for a name like that?

Buffalo Bob Smith was Howdy Doody's human side kick.

I'm SO SAD that I missed this. Dave was ten minutes from my house! I have the lame excuse of being in Mexico at the time, and unfortunately there was no teleportation device at the hotel. :(

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