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April 12, 2019


I’m going to be on Home and Family Monday. I got my own trailer for the taping. But they made me give it back.


Next door to Home and Family is the Wild West, where I struck a frontier pose with some kind of rustic contraption.



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I know what you had for supper. Beef, beans, and whisky.

Oh, so you are near Westwood, CA.
taken from Wiki, Westwood, Los Angeles:

The home of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). UCLA can be found here, but you will likely be parking in nearby Utah.

Gangs and Cults.

Too numerous to mention.

Get outta there, Dave.

I've set my DVR! Great picture too.

Don't you get a new look if you have your own tailor ?

Does the trailer have a low-flow toilet?

And take that frontier contraption out for a spin in the left lane of I-95.

Okay I'll say it - Which one is the rustic contraption?

Based on this picture, I believe in the Old West Dave would be considered to be one tough looking hombre.

Below the far wheel of that rustic cart one can almost make out a nice rattlesnake. That was a stroke of luck, they roast up real tasty.

You need a hat in the frontier picture

New Car Dave?

Sheriff Squint glares at the local miscreants...

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