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April 14, 2019


English animal rescuers jump to rescue of 'sick' fox that's actually taxidermied animal

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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The Roadrunner is working his way up to coyotes.

To paraphrase The Maltese Falcon, this the stuffing dreams are made of.

Did they tell the animal rescuers that the sick brown fox could not jump over the lazy dog?

Is this a symbol of Brexit?

I wish to return this pet fox I bought earlier today. No,it's not napping or resting, it has passed. It is extinct, ceased to live and stuffed with sawdust. I should not have bought from a pet store that has pets for sale that have never moved for days. Oh, you have a two hour return policy...sorry to bother you.

This story was reported, appropriately, on Fox News.

Why did they throw the fox away?

If you have ever had an animal taxidermied you will know that it is expensive. They cheated someone out of a valuable possession.

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