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April 26, 2019


The Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control is warning that six types of bottled wine manufactured by the Casa de Loco winery could explode.

(Thanks to Dave Kearns)


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So when an amateur wine snob says "this wine tastes like kerosene," he could well be right.

What wine would you expect from Casa de Locos? In Spanish this means crazy house or madhouse.
Some exploding bottles should be expected.

And immediately below that article: "Today in History for April 26: Chernobyl nuclear accident occurs"

Click the link in the story to the winery's web site, then the "History" tab. The photo sort of explains everything.

A while back I called Pizza Hut to place a pick up order and I am certain the person who answered the phone asked, "Casa de Loco's, Como puedo ayudarte?"

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