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April 28, 2019


No, Putting Garlic in Your Vagina Will Not Cure a Yeast Infection

(Thanks to many many people)


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Maybe try a nice chianti with that?

It will, however, prevent future activities in that area IYKWIM

Someone needs to stop listening to the science guy's pod casts.

Surely no one would be that stupid.

Something something garlic bread?

What about hemorrhoids? Asking for a friend.

Still, you can't be too careful when it comes to vampires.

@ Qaz - Ghost peppers, but only if you NEVER plan to use your butt for anything EVER again!

So 'it' didn't make the five places it should never be sprayed list either.

It will, however, prevent a vampire infestation.

Nobody's going to want cocaine that smells of garlic!

"Honey, I'm making spaghetti for dinner and can't find the garlic. Have you seen it?"

What's the big deal? It's already cloven.

"Hole"istic cure ?

I like garlic on pizza and in spaghetti, but I draw the line well above "down there."

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