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April 23, 2019


North Texas Mr. Jim’s Restaurant Temporarily Shuts Down After Employees Allegedly Put Miralax On Pizza

(Thanks to Al Barkafski, Barry Nester and Rod Nunley)


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Counteracts the effects of too much cheese.

Someone who works for me lives in that neighborhood. She hasn't missed work, so I guess she hasn't ordered pizza recently.

Don't mess with the health inspectors, dude.

Wouldn't that temporarily open up?

In some Mexican restaurants this incident would have passed unnoticed.

They didn't do it on pizza that was sold to the public?
In that case, son...no, you're still fired.

Not that I'm suggesting anything but, Milk of Magnesia would have been cheaper and just as effective.

It’s good to be regular. Too much cheese prevents that.

I thought that Miralax is a part of Los Angeles, where the airport is and that film studio is located.

As Abe "I am Still Dead" Vigoda once said in the classic movie Joe vs. the Volcano: "I'll be going now."

As "I am still dead!" Vigoda once said in the classic film Joe vs. the Volcano: "I'll be going now."

Large pooperoni to go!

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