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April 04, 2019


I’m still in New York, doing media promotion for Lessons From Lucy, which means I am spending time in “green rooms” socializing with other top celebrities.

Thanks to all — people and dogs — who came out last night to my Barnes and Noble event. Tonight at 6 I’ll be at Bookends in Ridgewood, New Jersey, a nearby state. Hope to see you there.




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That's an Android plushie, a Tux (Linux) penguin and, of course, the famous poop icon plushie.

If I were to guess, Dave's at Google in NYC.

Dear Lucy,

I got your book on Nook Books! Cant wait to read.

Who's a good Girl????

Can I confess that until my state tax return comes, I'm settling for borrowing one of the copies the library ordered?

Only Day Two and Dave already looks like he's ready to commit hari-kari.

I bet Lucy would love the pooh plushie.

Looks like someone had a late night. Who'd you borrow the pants from?

So far the book is excellent.

Not much green in there.

Have a good one in Joisey. You got out of N.Y, just is the nick of time.

Hope the unplugged contraption to his left isn't some sort of book tour life-support device.

Meanwhile back at home...
Lucy is enjoying the Florida sunshine, eating her favorite treats, and keeping an eye on the white sofa. Lesson #8 from Lucy. Don't do book tours.
You're looking good Dave!

Wait, is Dave wearing a blue shirt?

Dave is a media-savy fellow; of course he's wearing a blue shirt. He will likely refrain from audible flatus, too. Likely.

Where's Waldo?

I saw Audible Flatus open for the Butthole Surfers.

You look like you're in a chic cocktail lounge called "Anthropoomorphic."

Make sure you go on before the poop emoji. You do NOT want to follow the poop emoji.

Your other celebrities look pretty nifty. (ha)

I'm holding out for Lucy's audio book version.

New York! :-( What's New York got that Texas hasn't got?! Get your ass down here to Texas, dammit! (I mean that in a nice way.)

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