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April 15, 2019


‘Scrotox’: Australian men turn to Botox to improve appearance of scrotum

(Thanks to Emily, Leslie and w


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Nope, nope, nopity nope nope nope.

There's a workshop offered at Home Depot on Scrotox and it's practical uses around the kitchen because if you use this product, there is no chance you have a woman living in the house much less one anywhere near the kitchen.

Maybe if they inject it into their eyeballs?

I would love to see the TV ads for that. On second thought, no.

Speaking as a woman, which I am, I have never looked at a man and said, "That's a nice looking nut sack you have there".

As insulting the scenario must have been that lead some Australian men to this, I'm sure it's always best to turn the other cheek.

I just use duct tape to spiff them up for Coachella.

Just hearing the words "needle" and "scrotum" in the same sentence is enough to make me raise up in my seat.

I would suggest a product that promises to make anything in the area of the scrotum "relax and hang lower" would not sell well.

Australian men are becoming as bizarre as Australian wildlife.

A pretty scrotum is a happy scrotum.
Sorry, I'm at a loss for words.

Jon Snow will be recruiting the Army of Scrotox to fight the White Walkers.

@NC - When someone goes to so much trouble to impress, you could at least pay attention. My mother taught me that.

@Snowman - Is giggling uncontrollably while picturing the look on an Aussie guy’s face as the needle gets closer to his manbits considered paying attention?

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