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April 20, 2019


As farmer Li Bingcai opened the door to his cockroach farm in southwest China, an insect the size of a dart flew into his face.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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How do you brand them so the cockroach rustlers don't steal them?

markhh--We can assume the roundups are also quite a task.

He breeds them for human consumption? Blech! I'd rather eat at one of their McDonald's which, according to Wikipedia, serves things like Pineapple Pie and Red Bean Bubble Tea.

People are FARMING these suckers?

Until some idiot enterprising individual starts an exclusive restaurant that only serves free-range cockroaches.

"Yeah, I'll have an order of 'biggie' spicy Sichuan cockroachs and a waterbug flavored shake. Hold the live maggot secret sauce please."

It's all fun and games until the feds Raid the place.

A guy up here read about the benefits of drinking cockroach milk. He plans on opening up dairy once he figures out where to buy those little milking stools.

I was in Venezuela and in my hotel room I saw a giant cockroach (2 inches or so). When I i took a shoe to kill it, the cockroach jumped, maybe 2 feet high. I retreated to reception and asked for a different room. I hate them.

There's no money in cockroach farming. You have to buy too many expensive refrigerators for them to breed under.

Needs some of that Thai termite spray...

Recently in a semi-upscale store, I found a package of BBQ-flavored roasted crickets. The label proclaimed them "sustainably delicious". I bought the package. I have someone who works for me I'm going to eat one in front of. Her reaction will be worth it.

The bug produced a valid Australian passport.

"Customers have been clamouring for a taste after hearing about the dish's health benefits..."

Clamoring? Really? People are weird.

Trying to find and old article by Dave about The Life of a Cockroach. Does anyone know how to find it? I am sure it was written in the 90's.There was another written about the first year the Clinton's were in office, equally painfully funny.

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