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April 26, 2019


Parrot taken into custody by police in Brazil for trying to warn drug dealers of raid

(Thanks to Steve K,. Ann, Ralph, DaninDallas and Not My Usual Alias)


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Under Brazilian law, the police had to read the parrot its Carmen Miranda rights...

Poly wanna .....

"Guido, we have a contract for you."

Guido takes a slip of paper and studies it.

"This is a hit on a parrot...?"

"Guido, it might have a loose beak. The boss don't like to take any chances"

"OK, Carlos," Guido says, "But don't tell no one else. I'll be the laughing stock of hit men if it gets out that I whacked a parrot."

The police tried to make him sing like a canary, but he was no stool pigeon.

Maybe they should give him a
*removes sunglases*

Cheez-its are crackers. In court, a good lawyer could well construe " Cheez-it, the cops " as a request for a cracker. All you need is one juror with feathers.

Beaking Bad - coming soon on Netflix.

Brazil > Terry Gilliam > obligatory Monty Python reference.

Lovely plumage ..

Polly Wanna Lawyer?

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