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April 22, 2019


CNN reporter stomps Florida lizard during live report

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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The lizard was unavailable for comment.


In older days this could have started a new dance: The Lizard Stomp.

Iguana be bad for her.

Well, I wouldn't say 'unscathed' .. more likely it's a wiser lizard now.

So there are two slimey lizards at Mar-a-Lago?

If it climbed up on the camera to look at the monitor, it was probably a monitor lizard.

Lizards are just tiny dinosaurs.

" Everybody's doin' stomp the lizard dance now... "

( Come on baby, do the stomp the lizard. )

" I know you're gonna like it if you give it a chance now...."

( Come baby, do the stomp the lizard. )

Send her to Kellyanne Conway's house.

5*Snork@ Steve for the monitor lizard joke!

Just trying to sell her some insurance.

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