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April 15, 2019


Celebrate this Easter by snorkeling with Jesus in the Florida Keys

(Thanks to Hayseed Tom)


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I don't think you'll find the word " snorkel " in the Bible.

Fake news. Everyone knows the real Jesus walks on water.

Why is there a Jesus statue on state property, and why hasn't someone sued to have it dumped somewhere where it can create (loaves?) and fishes?

Never mind.

Are those holy mackerels swimming around the statue?

I won’t hold my breath

Statue? There was a statue in that picture?

Was that you, nursecindy?

I thought Snorkeling With Jesus was a Kinky Friedman song.

Snorkeling Jesus once opened for Judas Priest. Or maybe it was the other way around.


Look under John 15, Row 4 Seat 3

Quote, "Thou wilst snorkel once a year. Amen"

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