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April 12, 2019


Eerie video shows giant bugs devouring alligator on ocean floor

(Thanks to EricY)


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Some days you're the alligator and some days you're the isopod

A man strikes up a conversation with a pretty lady in a bar. After some small talk she asks him what he does for a living.

"I'm a scientist and I spend the day watching venomous sea creatures eat dead alligators."
The lady grabs her purse and runs out the door. The man says to the bartender.

"This happens all the time. I tell you, mad scientists just don't get any respect these days."

Who's been taking movies in my nightmare closet ?

"we're gonna need a lot more hallucinogens."

Well, at least the alligators were already dead when they dropped them... weren't they?

*muffled sounds of maniacal laughter*

"Eerie footage...showed giant pink isopods — scavengers - crawling over and gnawing through the hard outer shell of the dead alligator."

Just like "Taco Tuesday" at the frat house.


^5 to Airedale (nice to see you, buddy!)

Content no longer available, well gosh darn it.
But the tracker did indicate the continent.
I guessed before I looked. I was right.
Why is the place so full of weird things that can kill you? No wonder it has only one country on it.

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