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April 19, 2019


Rare world's fattest parrot has record breeding season

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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"the females control the breeding process and only mate every two to four years." Sounds sadly familiar. I guess married life is married life.
Now where can I find rimu berries?

Polly wants a cigarette.

News like this belongs on newspaper front pages. Would be a vast improvement over current fare.

Polly Wolly Doodle all the day.

The surviving kakapo -- whose name means "night parrot" in Maori -- are kept on four predator-free islands off the New Zealand coast.

I wonder how they manage to keep the tourists out?

"The kokapo recovery programme is so tightly monitored that although they remain in the wild, each one has a radio transmitter attached to its body and there are monitoring systems embedded in their nests.

Digby knew that of the 50 adult females, 49 produced 249 eggs, of which 89 have so far hatched and 75 were expected to make it to adulthood."

Does this mean the biologists are alerted when they, you know, do it?

I thought it was the FASTEST parrot, so record breading would be logical. Sort of Speedy Gonzales among parrots.

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