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April 23, 2019


Oregon has 1 million pounds of unsold cannabis

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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"...One toke over the line sweet Jesus..." The "line" refers to a state line.

"It is not efficient to build facilities in states where there's no reason to grow cannabis. You can grow citrus in New York if you want. It's just a bad business decision," Smith said.

Uhhh .. I'm trying really hard to follow that in a linear fashion.

The dumb thing is that glassy eyed politicians think they can make a tax killing on it and find that the cartels undercut the state weed.

Someone’s investment is going up in smoke. Loudmouth, in AK the black market dope actually nearly doubled in price when it was legalized. It was still about half the price of the legal stuff. So the locals still get their dope from the same folks and the legal stuff is for tourists. A real boon for organized crime. Oh, and our car insurance went way up too.

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