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April 24, 2019


Ambulance that hit pothole on way to hospital may have saved patient's life, doctors say

(Thanks to pharmaross and Dave Roe, who says "We must save about a million lives a year, where I live.") (Also Rod Nunley, who says "Oh, great, now they have a reason not to fix them.")


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Gotta love the call sign WOWT.

Authorities won't disclose where the pothole is .. so that street is not flooded by tourists and paparazzi, right?

I could see the new fad being "Name the Pothole" as a way to fund AEDs.

Actually, that might work.

Maybe it's time for them to invest in a defibrillator? I can see where this would work but it also makes for some p!ssed off paramedics when you do it. Don't ask me how I know.

The patient received the following bill from the ambulance company:

--Ambulance service--$150
--Emergency defibrillation services--$12,000
--Alignment of ambulance wheels due to emergency

The amount of $13,050 is due immediately.

Cures constipation also.

Might shorten pregnancies too.

@Clankie--If the banging of a pothole doesn't cure constipation, the medical bills will.

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