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April 25, 2019


Judge Judy changes up her hair for the first time in decades

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Good interview.

Big mistake, Judge. Looks awful.

Is Harvey next on the ponytail express?

Judge Judy looks like she had an accident plugging a Tesla into the charger.

She fell down and broke her hair, I guess.

Judge Judy was the world's highest-paid TV host in 2018 at $147 million, and has a net worth of $420 million dollars, making her one of the richest judges in the world.

She can afford to do her hair any way she wants.

You stand convicted no matter what you say.

I miss Judge Wapner.

judge judy makes more each year than the supreme court plus all federal circuit court judges (almost 200 judges in total) combined. $47 million.

Judge Big Ears.

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