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April 25, 2019


3 People Steal $450,000 Worth Of Colonoscopes From Lankenau Medical Center, Police Say

(Thanks to Marie)


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Good thing mine is scheduled for June

Getting those behind them will be a pain in the a**.

Here in Roswell, New Mexico Geezer Acres some residents suspect alien crooks from Uranus are responsible.
Most of us are willing to await the outcome of the police probes.

The Medical Center can improvise.

5*Snork@ Ralph!

Those are going to be hard to sell on the black market, they might have to try the brown market. I suspect this was an inside job.

Things are really looking up for them.

I think the thieves are just a bunch of budding enterpreneurs, plannig to start a home based colonoscopy business, in their basement or a garage. I think they would be a great success.

Where's the party?

The prime suspect is Ben Dover.

what a bunch of assholes.

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