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April 11, 2019


Three naked women were spotted at a Pasco rest stop. Then came the high-speed pursuit.

(Thanks to James Flynn)


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We do not pay our Highway Patrol people nearly enough money. Air drying? They had a metal baseball bat but no towels?

Cindy, they were waiting for Chuck E. Cheese to open to get paper towels.

Thelma, Louise and Friend Air Dry in Flathead County.
A movie script that was never filmed.

Another Reno 911 episode is up next. Brought to by, Florida the nude air dry state.

Sunshine. Heh, heh, heh.

KRAMER: Maybe uh, it needed some air. You know sometimes they need air, they can't breathe in there. It's in human.

I assume that they had stolen the car and were driving under some influence or other. All I can get is the first sentence without subscribing to the Tampa Times, but hey, it's Florida.

And this is news because?

Oh, right, there were three of them.

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