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April 25, 2019


People Stop Traffic To Help Enormous Snake Safely Cross The Road

(Thanks to Suzie Q Wacvet, who notes with surprise that this was not in Australia)


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I think it was a northbound snake in the westbound lanes, though it's hard to tell. I'd look for a follow-up story within a few days.

The snake was moving slow because it had eaten too many pets or such.

I'd love to see somebody stage a death match with an anaconda and a jaguar. We already know from the Florida python/gator wars that the snake probably couldn't beat a caiman, so why not a jag next?

Or even better, that snooty pitchman in the car commercials who pronounces it JAG-YOO-AH. Yeah, I'm starting to like that even better.

I'm pretty sure that snake would have been toast in the 1950's.

Mmmmmm...toasted snake!!

>There are no signs for the cars to wait so she can cross

Brazil doesn't have psychic road signs that can move around and pre-position themselves?

The chickens are tired of the jokes and have outsourced the road-crossing function.

And somewhere, in the distance, a squirrel was watching.

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