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April 29, 2019


Pope Francis urges hairdressers to stop gossiping

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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I thought this was already covered in The Ten Commandments.

But this is where people get the important local gossip, I mean news.

nursecindy told me.

"He said they should take inspiration from a 16th century saint who was known for cutting hair, bloodletting and amputations."

I... I don't think I can make any comment that would be as good as that sentence itself.

So you can commit adultery, not tell your hairdresser, and still end up in Principality?

So the Pope wants them to emulate Theodoric of York - Medieval Barber?

The only holy topic of conversation is baseball.

A tangential P.S. to my other comment: the other best sentence I've ever read – by Claire Prentice in her history The Lost Tribe of Coney Island:

"In his major study, The Bontoc Igorot, compiled in 1903, the American ethnologist Albert Ernest Jenks observed that, aside from cutting off the heads of neighboring villagers, the Bontoc Igorrotes were a peaceful, good-humored, honest, industrious, and likable people with low rates of crime."

My hairdresser and I do not gossip. We trade information.

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