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April 02, 2019


For the next few weeks I'm going to be on a book tour to promote my new book Lessons From Lucy, which goes on sale today, meaning you can buy it. So I won’t be blogging as often as usual. Judi might blog some if she is not too busy.

Last night the tour had a fantastic kickoff event in Coral Gables, thanks to Books and Books, Yolanda Berkowitz of the Friends of Miami Animals Foundation, and Miami-Dade Animal Services, who brought some adoptable dogs. A number of the tour events will involve partnerships with animal-rescue groups. I’m looking forward to those, and to seeing some of you folks out on the road.

Right now I’m heading to New York City, which I understand is wildly excited about the release of Lessons From Lucy, which as I stated earlier goes on sale today, meaning you can buy it, if you catch my drift.


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Not only buying, but also recommending to all of my fellow dog-lovers. Good luck with the tour, Dave!

Just wondering- we all loved your collaborations with Alan Zweibel and Ridley Pearson. Have you ever considered co-authoring with your fellow RBR member, Stephen King?
Suggested titles: "The Green Booger Mile", "I'll Carrie It Myself, Thank You", or "Lessons From Kujo" ??

" Wildly Excited "

Let the ticker tape parade begin !

Yes, we are wildly excited. (Sorry, I will have to miss it.) And we appreciate your bringing some Florida-style weather, as it was 33 degrees yesterday, which was a less than funny April Fool joke.

Mine's on the way!

If you look down when you're flying over North Carolina, and see someone waving, that will be me.

I hope links to TV and Radio Show broadcasts are posted here well in advance for all to see and tune in. The itinerary appears to have been assembled by someone who forgot to allow for time to sleep.

"Dave, we are so happy to have you with us on the phone today."


Dave wrote a book?

Co-authored this time, Jeff.

Meh, Stix, a couple years back Stephen King was celebrating the deaths of a couple of people in a train-truck crash, because of the political affiliation of the passengers. Dave is better off giving him a wide berth.

Just ordered a copy. I'll be panting in the window as I await its arrival.

Dave, I hope no one sets you up at the back of the store next to the entrance to the women's restroom. And may all of your signings on the tour be sellouts.

I got my copy this morning and just finished it. Bravo Dave! I think this one might end up being my favorite.

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Going to the book store to buy it today. I look forward to reading it.

Drift caught! But then again, I played Left Drift on my high school football team.

You color awfully fast, NC.

Are you going to be at the reception in LA?

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