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April 24, 2019


Nicolas Cage’s wife of four days seeks spousal support

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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.. claiming she missed out on job opportunities due to her relationship with the “Moonstruck” star and that her reputation has been hurt by his allegations. She also wants him to pay for her legal fees.

Who's intoxicated now? Maybe someone needs to smoke some toad milk.

Moonstruck, nah, dumbstruck, really dumb, and it hurt when it struck.

When the moon strikes your eye
Like a big pizza pie .. that amore'

As in - pay some more'

"Job opportunities"?

Bwahahaha! Excellent. You have a real flair for comedy.

Minimum wage hikes have gotten out of hand.

They let drunk people get married in Las Vegas?

Remember - there are lawyers telling her what to demand...

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