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March 02, 2019


2651 lizzie

(Caption Contest.)


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Check out my rock-hard [word for a male chicken which the easily-flustered and evidently even-more-easily-situationally-confused Puritans replaced with a brand-new word of their own invention]!

He may look like a helmsman but he's actually a coxswain.

*** Red Flag Warning ***

Now what's, I say, what's the big idee-uh? Pay uh-tention when I'm talkin' to ya, boy. Yore too busy flapping yore neck sails and swishin' your tail! Gals like a more subtle approach.

I am one big Florida lounge lizard and I like to choke my chikin' all day, whenever my gecko home girl's away!

That's not my tail, ladies!

"Born to be wild!"

...or perhaps merely "Born to be riled."

Why did the lizard cross the chicken?
To gecko the other thigh.

"I am the Egg Man."

Alas, poor Foghorn. I knew him well, Horatio. I warned him if he went to Miami he would just get stoned. Now here he stands, hard as a carp and forgotten.
Oh, the humanity!

Wait 'til you see my dismount...

What a fantastic view of the SpaceX launch I have from here!

She is a beeg wan, no?

Flagrant fowl!

That little dude is quite erect.

Not the caption - I thought is is a One-Eyed Cockerel

Fifteen minutes can save you 15% or more on statue insurance.

A lizard and a snow-cock walk into a bar . . .

I suspect fowl play.

Yo, ladieeees! Check out the cobra pose! I'm a sensitive yo-gecko, girl.

Cocky lizard selling insurance.

An example of extreme chicken head lice.

My wattle's better than your wattle.

S'cuse me while I whip this out.

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