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March 12, 2019


Florida man accused of 'intentionally' pressure washing his neighbor

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko and James Flynn)


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Was alcohol involved; i.e. was Plaster plastered?

Keep an eye on these two when leaf-blowing season starts.

"WTFBBQ do you think you're doing?"

"You looked a little dirty there, Joe."

The day started out as usual, Gannon and I were working Idiot Patrol in Brooksville when we got a call there was an unauthorized steam cleaning of a neighbor by a plastered Plaster.
I lit us up and with siren screaming we headed to the scene of the cleansing. This was going to be great. The first call we have had for weeks that didn't involve either snakes or a Chuck E. Cheese.

those things can do some damage. i once made mistake of pressure washing driveway wearing sandals and it sliced my toe open accidentally.

Wondering what exactly is weed blowing?

Take off you hoser!

He shouldn't have opted for the undercarriage wash.

Florida.. the Crazy State
Crowds of sweaty humans seething in an armpit of humidity and mosquitoes.
Tourists lying awake in fancy hotels worrying about Alligators and how to avoid the Herpes monkeys.

Sometimes for some people it all becomes too much and the urge hits to take a pressure washer and let out all the rage inside
When that happens I get a call. My names Friday, I carry a Badge.
(gets back on Geezer bus and waits for Le Petomane)

^5 to Le Pet and Dragon B.
*Climbs on bus*

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