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March 02, 2019


Firefighters in Camp Hill put out a trash fire in a parking lot Wednesday afternoon after the contents of a garbage truck caught fire. Among the debris was a full-size dead cow.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Beef. It's what's for dinner

Mrs. O'Leary's revenge.

Where is the Oregon Dept. of Highways when you need it?

The firefighters of Camp Hill are working on a helpful book to be titled, "101 uses for a dead cow."

As far as the cow, Simpson said he didn’t know where the truck driver picked it up or how long it had been in the back of the truck.

I'm just wondering how they got it in the trash can without busting the sides out.

We're gonna need a bigger Hefty bag.

“But I’ve got to say,” Simpson said. “I’ve never seen a cow in the trash before.”

He's never seen herbivore because they're usually better cowmooflaged.

Eat mor chikn

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