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March 21, 2019


1 in 5 office mugs contain faecal matter - and it's probably not your own

(Thanks to John Lobert and pharmaross)


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Uh-oh. We have customers visiting our office today....

It is nice of you to stop by the office to do the IRS audit. Let me get you a nice cup of coffee then we can get started.

Your cup probably says " Men's " on the side of it.

This is exactly why God gave us disposable Dixie cups.

I've always felt that fecal matter improves the taste of office coffee.

Towards the end, they list helpful hints for avoiding bacteria, including this:
Wash wash bottles at least once a day because water is not sterile, and bacteria will build up over time.

Okay okay

The break room at a former workplace had a full size refrigerator I dubbed the “Chilled Science Project Storage Facility”. (I once discovered that eggnog does in fact turn to cheese if left in the refrigerator long enough.) Anyway, one day I went into the break room and witnessed one of the “Safety Professionals” picking his nose and then dipping his hand in the ice cubes to refresh his drink. I bought a mini fridge to hide in my desk and drank instant coffee at the office after that. I’m not surprised that there is fecal matter in communal cups.

Wow. Poop all the way from England, huh?

Now I have a latte on my mind...

I've had a latte on my mind lately.

It's a brew-tiful morning, PB.

As if having my own fecal matter would make it acceptable.

Fecal matter matters in quantum physics.

I thought the high temp beverage killed all the fecals that matter

You think grabbing a soda from the machine will save you? Haven't you heard how much rat poop there is on top of those cans?

Just part of a balanced breakfast ;)

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