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March 08, 2019


Russian ship near Scotland: How does ‘vomit weapon’ work?

(Thanks to Ranald Adams)


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Isn't that just called "vodka?"

The vomit weapon probably is just nude photos of the real Admiral Gorshkov.

"The Russian Navy have reportedly developed weapons that can make their enemies vomit and even hallucinate."

It appears the Russians have found a loophole in the Geneva Convention that failed to cover cheap vodka and bad sushi.

How great a prank would this be? Train the Vomit Weapon on Congress, first making sure all the doors are locked.

I served on a Minesweeper in the Atlantic. Round-bottomed & top heavy. Trust me we've had that capability for years.

What does it do... rebroadcast episodes of " C.P.O. Sharkey " ...?

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