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March 07, 2019


South Dakota won’t take Moorhead turkeys after all. They’re ‘too urban’

(Thanks to Ralph)


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members approved relocating 75 turkeys to eastern South Dakota, which would have required a Minnesota DNR permit

Nurse: Doctor, I can't find a pulse. I'm afraid we're losing this turkey!
Doctor: Don't I know it, Nurse. But he has a Do Not Resuscitate order from Minnesota and, dammit, that means we have to let him go.. exasperated sigh Why did he have to cross the road during rush hour? Will they never learn?

This must explain the WKRP turkeys. They were so urbanized, they didn't know how to fly!

New Mexico would gladly have accepted those turkeys. Any complaints would have been met with: "Papers Senior, we don't need no stinkin' papers."

The Pilgrims knew what to do with urban turkeys.

Are they too hipster?

I saw Urbanized Gangsta Turkeys open for Vanilla Ice.

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