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March 01, 2019


Check out this enormous carrot

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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I am overcome with a case of root envy.

Many people think the that the top dog (as it were) is the alpha male Rutabaga.
Actually, it'sthe beta carrot teen that's the most visible.

Bugs Bunny would have gone into a swoon over this carrot.

Before he unearthed it all he could see was the Carrot Top. Not even in Vegas or on late night TV. No wonder he wanted to dig it up and remove it.

I generally avoid any links on the blog that begin "Check out this enormous.."

He's going to be very popular.

"Would you like to come to my place and check out my enormous carrot?" - excellent pick-up line.

Probably tastes like plywood. Vegetables should be harvested at the proper time, not after they have become fibrous or otherwise inedible.

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